The Olympia Sports Camp Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a specific mandate to help under-privileged children with the opportunity to experience camp and learn the necessary leadership and competitive skills required in all facets of their professional lives.


The Foundation also focuses on continuous enhancements to Olympia Sports Camps’ programs and facilities to ensure the children are receiving the best possible experience. Recently, Olympia Sports Camp Foundation is also in the process of renovating and enhancing facilities to ensure the camp is prepared for post Covid-19 operations.

The foundation has strict governance procedures and has is governed and operated by a Board of Directors free of conflict or bias.

As a former educator in the Toronto area, I had a dream that I could mix my love of sports and teaching, to create a place that would encompass both. I believed that no matter what financial background a child came from, every child should have the opportunity to attend a place that would achieve this. With hard work and dedication, my vision came to fruition and Olympia Sports Camp was born.


Every year, we commit to financially supporting hundreds of families providing them with a chance to experience everything that we have to offer. Year after year we remain steadfast in providing these opportunities and are so grateful that we have your support in continuing to achieve this goal. Thank you in advance for your support to help us get one step closer to achieving our goal and helping fulfill the dreams of many children who dare to dream of themselves to one day becoming a future leader and Olympian.

Dave Grace


Olympia Sports Camp


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