Growing a Community of Everyday Heroes

Supporting under-privileged children with the opportunity of attending camp

Enhancing programs and facilities for children attending Olympia Sports Camp

Preparing our future leaders and everyday heroes

Purpose of Olympia Sports Camp Foundation

"Growing up, I participated in Olympia Sports Camp Basketball program which taught me the importance of being a competitor.


Learning even a small amount of the concepts of the Heroes Journey was part of igniting the passion within me to see a path to success to become a leader of my generation."

Donovan Bailey

Olympic Champion, World Champion, World Record Holder

A trip to Olympia is truly a journey of self-discovery where children leave their regular lives with the comforts of home and school to challenge themselves with over 90 sports and activities to choose from.

The camp has touched and influenced thousands of people and has shaped a multitude of athletes and successful business people over the last 45 years.

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